This project involves an interactive map of the world with geolocation of events connected with translation and literature that are relevant to those working in the industry. The aim of the map is not to describe the events in detail or to provide in-depth information about them, but to locate them geographically in order to offer an overview for professionals looking for information. With the information about the official website or social networks for the event, a professional interested in a specific point will be able to go beyond the basic facts if they wish.

We very much hope you will find the ATL interesting. And we encourage you to take part in putting together this exciting new tool. The ATL belongs to all of us involved in literary translation! So please complete this form with your associations’ annual events. And also pass on the link to organisations and bodies in your country or region that organise events connected with literary translation: translation awards, book fairs, ongoing conferences, residencies for writers and translators, training programmes aimed at the industry and so on.

If you have any queries, please write to secretaria@aptic.cat.

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